The year is 2540. The night sky is filled with neon lights from colossal cities sprawling all over every planet visible to the naked eye. Each day you dream of leaving your star system, to explore the unpolluted outer reaches of deep space. For years you've mapped the stars, wondering what exists beyond the humble sun you live beneath. As the assimilated cyborg empire from the Andromeda galaxy slowly starts colonizing the relatively primitive Milky Way, you pack what little you have and set off to a distant star. On the passenger seat of your stolen spacecraft is a single cassette, labeled "Terminal."

Terminal is music for staying up until 5 AM, for drawing/programming/gaming, or for flying to the edge of space. Enjoy it however you want. Everything is free to download in the Discography section below. If you'd like to use my existing work for a project, or if you'd like me to make music for a project, email me at

My name is Vince, I'm a hobbyist musician currently studying computer science. For more of my projects, click the back button in the top left.



Full discography download (2 albums, 3 EPs, 11 singles, 913 MB, .mp3 or .wav)
I apologize the files are not all the same format. I will work on making two separate download links for all MP3 or all WAV when I get the time.
Releases have their own folder containing all of the tracks and the album cover in either PNG or JPG.

Access Key (2019)

1. The Door
2. There Is No Contingency Plan
3. Mesa, AZ
4. No Singularities
5. Night in the Concrete Treehouse
6. Lodestar
7. The Paperhangers

Out Spring 2019, stay tuned

Computer Kingdom EP (2018)

1. Computer Kingdom
2. Powered Prairies
3. Silicon Skyscrapers
4. Electric Embryo

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Songs For Boreas (2018)

1. The North Wind
2. Conch Call
3. Hyperborea
4. Boreas
5. Orithyia
6. The Argonauts

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Wisdom And Wonder (2017)

1. My Name Is Wisdom
2. The Escape
3. Emancipated
4. A Robot World
5. 50 Years
6. Humanity
7. Wonder

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Tracers EP (2016)

1. Binary System
2. Yellowknife
3. Janus

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Tokyo Trip EP (2016)

1. Warning Lights
2. Tokyo Trip
3. Hot Rubber
4. Waking the Dragon

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Albums and EPs

Access Key (2019)

Computer Kingdom (2018)

Songs For Boreas (2018)

Wisdom And Wonder (2017)

Tracers EP (2016)

Tokyo Trip EP (2016)


Octopod (2019)

No Singularities (2019)

Alternate Mission (2018)

STS-136 (2017)

The Lonely Tower (Remix) (2016)

Event Horizon (2016)

We've Come This Far (2016)

The Marvels That They Saw (2016)

The Monster (2015)

Permanence (2015)

Eyes In The Forest (2015)

The Reason To Keep Trying (2015)

Old Releases (2012-2014)

Disclosure (2014)

Application (2013)

Benign EP (2013)

Special Kind Of Space (2012)