Vince Belanger

Network Engineer - Ann Arbor, MI
B.S. in Computer Science, University of Dayton

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Hello, my name is Vince. I'm a network engineer and software developer with a passion for technology. This website serves as a repository for some of my projects and fields of professional interest.

Some of my projects can be found below, or on my GitHub, linked above.

Networking Automation Cloud Development Electronics


Experience (5+ years)

I'm a network engineer with five years of networking career experience. Although networking is my forte, I have a background in computer science and moderate experience in both software development and cloud infrastructure.

Network technologies, deployments, and concepts I'm experienced with: Development technologies and languages:


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Dayton

Certificate in Cyber Defense
Concentration in Network & Software Security
3.9 Major GPA, 3.4 cumulative GPA

Relevant courses

Home lab

Main server running Proxmox VE 6.2, consisting of ~15 LXC containers, mostly Ubuntu 20.04.

Services I run include: pihole DNS, ISC DHCP, Grafana, FreeRADIUS, OpenVPN, Unifi controller, MySQL, Apache web server (you're on it now), game servers (Minecraft, Valheim), file server (Samba), GNS3 VM

pfsense firewall, and Unifi AP-lite